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Colin Copeland

I am organized and motivated designer with many influences including a background in design , fine arts as well as having many cultural influences due to extensive traveling. My focus is on the modern and eco-design movements but I often include the post-modern elements of fun and tactility to my designs. In the future I plan to become an educator and entrepreneur, creating designs that are socially / environmentally aware and are a reflection of my unique style and influences. I have produced commercial graphic work, web administration packages , industrial and eco-design prototypes , curated art and design shows , as well as producing many events and fundraisers.


• Due to my training in both the fine arts as well as industrial/graphic design I have a good perception of how concept along with technical skills produce a solid base for a project.
• I work well with others and excel at organization and good interpersonal communication. I enjoy working in a team to achieve a goal.
• I am extremely proficient in the workshop and have a good knowledge of materials and tools.


I have traveled extensively, visiting six out of seven continents and over eighty countries and try to travel at least every second year. I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new cultures as well as having an avid interest in archeology. I am an enthusiastic gardener, specializing in orchids and carnivorous plants, an amateur geologist with minerals and gems collected on my travels and also have an extensive collection of oceanic mollusks and bivalves. Being an avid artist I use all mediums but prefer painting, sculpture and jewellery making over other processes. I have worked in the toy industry for 10 years and have an extensive knowledge of child oriented developmental applications and education